Wood Flooring

With over 24 years of experience as a Hardwood Flooring Distributor, I.F.I. is committed to the highest standards and quality check of pre-finished and unfinished hardwood flooring. Our solid pre-finished & unfinished lines are mainly domestic produced and come from the strongest and most efficiently driven plants. We are known as the distributor of choice because of our strong efforts in supplying the market with products and services that give a true return to our Dealers, Contractors, Builders and Designers

Solid Hardwood Flooring:

Solid wood is milled from a single 3/4″ thick piece of hardwood. Due to its thickness, a solid hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished many times over several generations of use. In addition, at the time of sand and refinish the customer can choose a stain, sealer, and finish (waterborne or oil based) to best meet their needs and expectations. There is research, which shows that solid wood flooring can expand, and contract as a result of changes in a home’s relative humidity level. Normally, installers compensate for this movement by leaving an expansion gap between the floor and the wall. Shoe molding or quarter round is commonly used to cover up and shield any openings around the wall/baseboard.

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